Sunday, March 3, 2013

Craft Studio Mini-Reveal

Happy cold Sunday!  Brrrr!  I have to apologize because I do not have a card to share this morning.  With having run two half marathons in the last two weeks there wasn't a ton of time to spend crafting.  Don't be sad though, I did have some kind of action in the craft studio over the last couple of weeks.

I am lucky to have a dedicated room in our house for my little "obsession".  I feel very grateful for this.  I also like to work in a "pretty" space and one that is organized.  I have learned that if everything has a home (and I am good about putting everything back in it's home after I use it) crafting is so much more fun!  Plus you can get so much more done when you don't have to ask yourself, "where is my....".

So over the last two weeks I worked on making my craft studio more organized AND pretty!  I took a trip to IKEA (one of my FAVORITE places in the whole wide world!) and picked up a couple of Expedit pieces.  I wanted to accomplish two things, storage and a cutting station for my Big Shot die cutting machine.  This is the configuration I felt would work best:  
Here is a shot of the Big Shot station:
The black cubes in the bottom of my Expedit pieces were from IKEA as well and they fit perfectly!  I had sever other Thirty One Gifts items that fit in perfectly too.  Pink is my favorite color so I threw in pops of hot pink that I already had in and around my office:  
You can't have a craft studio without projects on display:
I look forward to revealing the rest of the studio as I continue to get it all into place.  Let me know what you think!